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Image of DISCOURSE - CD E.P.

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1. Black Lungs 5:31
2. Voice Up 4:23
3. Reboot 4:45
4. Get Out 4:49
5. Come On, Come On 7:06
6. Can't Take It With You 4:26

Original Release Date: November 18, 2008

Michael Henderson - Vocals, Drums, and Keys
Jordan Dawes - Guitar, Loops, and MIDI
Chase Dawes - Bass Guitar

Backing vocals on "Come On, Come On" - Jay Henderson
Backing vocals on "Get Out" - Liz Carter
Recorded and Mixed by Jay Henderson at June Audio, Provo UT
Mastered by Nathan James at The Vault, NYC
Produced by Jay Henderson and Discourse
© Discourse 2008 Many thanks to our friends, family, and fans!